Dance Profiler aims to share and cultivate a passion for movement and expression.

This blog is for all, those with no dance experience and dance fanatics alike. It focuses equally on world renowned dancers and choreographers as it does on lesser known talents and all those in between.

Most of all, Dance Profiler is about explaining in language my mum can understand why dance is so awesome.

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About the author

What do you do once you’ve completed your dance training? Yes, I know, you can train endlessly in dance, but what do you do when you graduate from ballet school?

  1. Start auditioning and take on the uncertain career path of the aspiring professional dancer.
  2. Move on – leaving your youthful dream of “being a dancer someday” in the past, along with all the other fairytales you once believed in.
  3. Snub options 1 and 2 and forge your own path.

I chose option 3.

Dance is my passion and always will be (once a dancer, always a dancer!), but the dancers’ life just wasn’t for me.

So I moved on. I studied communications and cultural studies at Concordia university. I traveled as much as I could afford. I got the opportunity to review a dance show, then two, then more, on a semi-regular basis. I combined my traveling with dance reviewing. And finally, something was starting to take form…

Now, here we are on my dance blog. And more importantly, here you are reading my dance blog (!).

Combining my passion with a critical mindset, a love for words and a spark for journalism, I’ve created an exciting dance-writing adventure. Yes, there is happiness beyond the ballet studio!


Pia Savoie is classically trained in ballet and modern dance from Ballet Divertimento in Montreal, Canada. With a background in gymnastics and hip hop, she approaches movement from many different angles: physicality, artistry, relevance, context. While completing her BA Communications and Cultural Studies from Concordia University she lived and studied abroad in France and Australia, absorbing as much art and culture as she could along the way. She has since returned to Montreal, but not before stopping in Japan, England, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, …

Pia began reviewing dance performances for Bachtrack in November 2013. She founded Dance Profiler in March 2014 as a commitment to deepening her involvement in the dance community around her, wherever she may be. Being a critic is one thing, but getting to know the artists and festivals and mechanisms that affect the dance world, and keep it growing, is a whole other story… and one she’d like to share.

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