Chouinard’s Garden of Earthly Delights

The first thing you need to know about a Marie Chouinard show is that it’s sensational. Dance may be best known as an art of the body, and these shows work with the whole body, you bet, but a Compagnie Marie Chouinard show is an integral experience for your eyes and ears… and curious mind. To open it’s 20th season, the Danse Danse series have programmed a weeklong Chouinard-fest. First, Le Cri du Monde and Soft Virtuosity, Still Humid, On the Edge run for two nights and add themselves to the list of a dozen works Danse Danse have now collected by Chouinard since 1998. Then, an hommage to Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights makes its Montreal premiere with a three-night run.

Performance photo of Soft Virtuosity, Still Humid, On the Edge by Compagnie Marie Chouinard

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Ballet BC, Molnar, Pite & Eyal. Easy to Love!

Ballet BC captured Montreal in Danse Danse’s 2014-2015 season with an all-male choreographed triple bill. Now they are back with another triple, lead this time by three amazing women. Emily Molnar, artistic director of Ballet BC and largely responsible for catapulting the company to its international status, presents 16 + A Room. Fellow Canadian Crystal Pite follows up with Solo Echo, a piece she originally created for Nederlands Dans Theater, and satisfying my bias as a superfan of NDT. Finally Israel’s Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar’s Bill closes the night. With all these winning elements together in one night, there was no excuse not to see this show.


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Montreal Dancing in Memory of Leonard Cohen

Last year the world lost a remarkable poet and musician. Montreal-born Leonard Cohen decks the halls of fame of Rock and Roll, Canadian music and Canadian Songwriters, for his opus of work spanning over sixty years. His folksy sound is especially resonant through his lyrics, which speak to love, loss, religion and political unrest. For their upcoming 2017-2018 seasons, two landmark Montreal dance companies will pay homage to him with a new work created to his music, and a gala danced in his honor. Dance Me, by the Ballets Jazz de Montreal, will premiere in December, and Les Grands Ballets will hold special gala performances, Soirée des Étoiles, the following June under the theme Dance Me to the End of Love, both companies taking their title inspiration from Cohen’s 1984 song.



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BJM Show Off in Montreal

Again and again I am reminded of how lucky I am to live in one of the most creatively productive cities in the world when it comes to dance. Unlike in many places, a big problem of living here isn’t a lack of options, but rather choosing which shows to say no to. December 4th had been marked on my calendar for several months already and I gladly said no to other events as I anticipated the return of Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, commonly referred to as BJM, to Place des Arts. This is one local company we don’t see often enough (we’ll get back to the reasons why), but that is a treasure and pride of Montréalais culture. Presenting a triple bill including a world premiere, BJM have come home to show off at Théâtre Maisonneuve for the Danse Danse series.


Bagne Version 3.0 by PPS Danse

For its 25th anniversary, PPS Danse celebrates its past and present with a recreation of one of its iconic works. Bagne debuted in the early 90s, an unconventional dance-theatre focusing on an intense relationship between two men. Homosexuality wasn’t a comfortable topic for the general-public then, and even now with the strides we have taken as a society, it is still considered controversial. Today Bagne has been updated for the current context and this reworked edition takes the stage as part of the Danse Danse series at the Cinquième Salle until October 31st.

bagne 1

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The National Ballet of Canada Lights Up Danse Danse with a Thrilling Triple Bill

If you know me at all you know that Danse Danse is my favourite dance series. Every year it brings the best selection of contemporary works to Montreal in an unpretentious and exciting ambiance. For its 2015-2016 season, Danse Danse opened at the Theatre Maisonneuve last Thursday night with a triple bill from three contemporary masters performed by the National Ballet of Canada. the second detail, Spectre de la Rose and Chroma are three remarkable works strongly anchored in classical ballet, each adding a unique contemporary spin that highlights different aspects of its classical foundation. High energy, technically demanding and showing three equally beautiful aesthetics, the combination made for an exceptional evening of heart-stopping dance.

Second Detail
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ICKamsterdam’s Rocco: The Brotherhood of Boxers

From even before the day we’re born, there’s one bit of information everyone wants to know: is it a boy or a girl? Gender is fundamental in determining our identity, both for ourselves and for those who get to know us. As a woman I often wonder how men view feminism and the collection of women’s issues that make of up so much of our social and cultural conversations… Then I take a step back and wonder, but what about the guys? Issues of male identity remain a whisper in conversations about gender, even today. Leave it to the artists though to get ahead of the trend and turn that whisper into an exclamation. Case in point, and now showing as part of the Danse Danse series, Rocco by ICKamsterdam goes in depth into masculinity and male bonds through the lens of boxing.

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